What is Cryptocurrency Mining?

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is no doubt an ever growing one. Over the years, technological advancements have contributed mainly to the increased interest in cryptocurrencies by users globally. With these advancements of technology, comes a change in cryptocurrency mining. Now, more enterprises and firms are beginning to engage in large scale mining by pooling resources together. This, in a bit, to ensure that the mining power is not concentrated in the hands of a few individuals.

While we have the GPU and ASIC mining already established among firms, it is high time more attention is paid to FPGA mining as it is more efficient and looks to be the future of cryptocurrency mining. We shall be examining what FPGA mining is in his article, what makes it better than other mining, and what the future of FPGA mining is in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

What exactly is FPGA Mining?

FPGA which is a Field Programmable Gate Array mining is that which is effected by an integrated circuit which is either configured personally by the customer or by a trained designer after it has been manufactured. The ability for its configuration to be changed later not only makes it field programmable but also what stands it out from other types of mining. Being in the market for a while now, it has lost popularity due to its relatively high cost when compared to its power.

The Difference between FPGA Mining and Other Mining

Though costly, FPGA mining is no doubt better in its delivery than the GPU and ASIC mining, and this makes it different from them. Also, being field programmable, the FPGA mining is known to have established itself over the years as more flexible than the GPU and ASIC mining.

The profitability of coins differs from time to time due to certain market factors. These factors are responsible for the rise and fall in the market value of coins.  With the FPGA mining unlike other mining types, you can reconfigure the card to be able to mine whatever coin it is that is profitable at that time.

What Is The Future of FPGA Mining?

With a relatively high cost to power, you begin to wonder if just like in the past years, FPGA mining is one the cryptocurrency ecosystem will embrace in the years to come. While the price remains a challenge as an FPGA card costs about $4K, all indications are beginning to show that FPGA mining is the future of cryptocurrency mining. This is because firms are beginning to overlook this price considering that the flexible nature of FPGA mining means that the cost spent to get the FPGA card, can be gotten back in a very short while.

Miners understand how much the value of coins in the market gets unstable and are beginning to look for how to move in line with it. This is why even though the FPGA mining has its shortcomings concerning cost and electricity supply, it still looks to be the future of cryptocurrency mining. The working team behind the production of the FPGA card, on the other hand, are also putting in their best to see that these defects are corrected. If this can be done, then you can be sure FPGA mining would be far more preferred to the GPU and ASIC mining.

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