UI & UX Design

User Interface and User Interface are designs for machines and software. Companies need UX designers to make their product attractive to the customers. They retain their customers by making the experience delightful for customers. The main focus is on the digital product but the concept can be applied anywhere. Products, where the customers use directly should have good User Interface to make easy to use and intuitive for users.

Difference between UI & UX

  • UX design is the first step as it is the decision stage. UX designer does the research on the product or application ideas and guidelines. After this UI designer begins the work on a visual design.
  • UX design tells the user of the steps to follow for any activity and UI design is the feel or interaction. UX designer is the architect of the micro-interaction while the UI designer is the maker of micro- interaction to attend to small details.
  • UX makes customer interface useful by meeting the needs of customers. UI, on the other hand makes the aesthetic pleasing by choosing the right colour, attractive and simple typography.
  • UX helps people in getting the right product and to accomplish their needs. UI helps the customers in connecting emotionally and increase loyalty in customers. People may stick around and spend more time depending on the design and attractiveness of the website.
  • UX designs are not only restricted to web products or services but for all companies. UI is for user interface in not only for graphical interface of phones, computers or tablets but also other products like a wending machine, watches, car, washing machine etc.

How to become a UI & UX designer

  • Know the basic UI principles –To enter the design world, you need to learn the principles and start thinking creatively. Basic things that you should know is about colour vocabulary, psychology and fundamentals, a contrast to create focus, symmetry and asymmetry to balance, typography fonts and texts which is readable and consistency.
  • Creative UX process –The steps you should follow to be creative is:
    • Discover by research, data gathering and getting inspired.
    • Define the idea that you have extracted from the initial step as it creates a creative brief.
    • The development stage is creating, testing and prototype of a solution or concept. This is a hit and trial method to reduce error.
    • Delivery of final project by finalising and launching it.
  • Eye for design –It is just not enough to know the design principles but you should identify the weakness and strength in design by training. Get inspiration and do research before working on a blank canvas. For beginners, it is better to look at other designs to get an understanding and inspiration.
  • Read –To get familiar read the articles or blogs related to design daily. Know the trends, tutorials and cases from these articles. Go online find and learn from other’s experience. Make a habit to read at least one or two articles daily.
  • Practice on fake projects –Pick up any website app and redesign it for practice. You need experience to get the job so by practice you will get a good experience. You can dribble for fun.
  • Learn the latest tools in web design –You should learn about the tools and be updated with new additional features and trends. Some of the latest tools are a sketch, Balsamiq, Marve app, Adobe XD, figma and many more.
  • Get mentoring –If you have a friend in design take mentoring from them as you will be able to learn faster. They can review and provide feedback on your work. You can clear your doubts and get help.

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