TraiTel Technologies is thrilled to announce the Launching

TraiTel Technologies is thrilled to announce the Launching of Their Omnipresent Device!

 The Simple Internet-connected button has everything to make life easier; and it is now available for users.

    The TraiTel technologies have invented many internet controlled programs in recent times that are both eye and attention catching. However, the most recent invention which is soon to be launched is a device that allows multitasking and multiprogramming. This device or button is designed to work with the internet in other to perform many activities that make life easier. The device which can be said to be the future of all technologically developed tracking/smart buttons history has ever had is The Simple Internet-connected Button (SiBTM).

    The SiBTM is a small-sized, self-controlled, ring-box sized, wireless internet-connected button which can be programmed to do most if not all things just by pairing it with the SIMPTM. The SiBTM was invented by Eli Traitel whose primary aim was to invent a device that allows him to control tasks in and around his home automatically. Before the invention of the SiBTM, Eli Traitel has invented a number of technological devices but none of the previous inventions could multi-task or multi-program, hence the conception of the idea that birthed the SiBTM. The  SiBTM aims at creating a medium that allows the daily needs of humans to be met at an affordable rate with little technical know-how. The good news here is that this app comes with no charge or monthly fees.

    This wonderful button from TraiTel Technologies is capable of running tasks, programs, receiving and sending messages once the button is pressed. It communicates with the SIMPTM thereby receiving and sending information. The SiBTM can measure temperature, install and run simple programs, detect any magnetic gadget within its perimeter can detect Wi-Fi routers within its environs and perform multiple actions simultaneously; the list is inexhaustible. The beauty of this button is that contrary to the opinion of people concerning multi-tasking devices, the SiBTM ‘s battery is very durable, typically long lasting as it can allow up to 4,500 button presses, it can averagely be used for a year; Unbelievable but true.

Capabilities of SiBTM

    It is important to know that an individual can minimize cost and maximize utility with the SiBTM. There is a long and almost endless list of the capabilities of this button, as it has been rightly said, the list is endless; however, listed below are some of the abilities of SiBTM;

  • The SiBTM can send out notifications and alerts to multiple recipients when it is pressed as a matter of emergency or in distress. Just like the emergency response toll line, the SiBTM is capable of sending a distress message in case of dangers and emergencies; all that the user needs to do is to press the button and then help arrives. Users and programmers should please keep it in mind that this is a factor of its connection to the SIMP messaging app.
  • With SiBTM, the security of the user’s house and company is assured. The button alerts everyone connected to the alarm system of the house whether away or at home. This way, users can avoid intrusion of privacy and also monitor who goes in and out of the apartment or company.
  • With SiBTM, users can keep tabs on their belongings, and it works just like a smart tracking device or a personal alarm. Once it is attached to a purse, bag, car or any other stuff of choice, it automatically alerts the user immediately such belonging moves out of the set safe perimeter. This way, the owners do not have to worry about visitors or even house sneaking out with stuff without permission. This means that SiBTM can be used as a private detective.
  • It is also pleasing to know that SiBTM helps to keep the refrigerator in check and prevent foods from spoilage. It notifies the user once the fridge or freezer is getting too warm to preserve food, that way, users can know when to leave its door opened. This is known as the freezer alarm.
  • The SiBTM also has a nightlight feature that allows adults and kids to enjoy their evening and night under bright light. It also allows individuals to change the colors according to the user’s preference.

The functions, as well as applications of the SiBTM, exceeds human imagination, a typical representation of omnipresent technology it is. Installation is made possible on the SiBTM through a small expansion channel or port which makes it possible for the SiBTM user or programmer to install additional sensors on it. The expansion port is one of the unique features of a SiBTM is a significant and vital part of the patents that the TraiTel Technologies have filed in the most recent time, others being Design and Utility patents. Although the SiBTM still has some pending patents, however, the expansion port has made it possible to create and continue creating many different sensors solely and specially made for the SiBTM. The SiBTM can use these sensors once they are plugged into the slot which does not necessarily require the knowledge of electronics.

How the SiBTM works

    The SiBTM works together with SIMPTM which is a mobile application, more like an instant messaging app. The pairing action between the SiBTM and SIMPTM appears like a new contact, and this invariably means that every pairing action equals a new contact. Each of these contacts creates a chat in SIMPTM, and these chats are then used as a means of sending alerts and notifications. Notifications such as timed events, reminders, sensor alerts, status as well as commands and programs can be sent back and forth using this wonder button, the SiBTM.

    The SIMPTM comes with many programs for SiBTM. It also gives room for professional users to input their programs by merely following the steps on the Programming section of our website. For more information and inquiries about our devices, programs and many more, please visit the company’s website at


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