Top Ten Webhosting Provider

A web hosting provider is a service that allows individual or companies to post website and make them available through the internet. It allows internet users to view any website or web page by just typing the website address into their browser. Below are top ten web hosting providers there are.

  1. In motion Hosting

In-motion Hosting is a CNET top rated hosting company, which provide website service, as well as tools for hosting various business. In motion has an uptime of 99.90% after being tested severally across four different web pages since 2005.

Some Key Features

  • The company provides a ninety-day money-back guarantee.
  • Best business practices with great secure website transaction.
  • Lowest price – $5.99/month


  1. Host Gator

Host Gator is a multi-awarded service having hosted eight million domains. This provider offers power back-ups, secured VPS and continuous monitoring for the maintenance of safety and security.

Some Key Features

  • It has universal compatibility
  • One click installation
  • Lowest price – $0.99/month


  1. WP Neuron

WP Neuron provides premium managed word press with unique hosting that is secure and fast, making use of Apache and Nginx.

Some Key Features

  • HTTP/2, PHP7 and smart cache.
  • Anti-malware scanner.
  • High-end security.
  • Lowest price-$3.75/month.


  1. QuickBooks Hosting- Powered by Techarex Networks

This network server runs on Techarex that uses cloud infrastructures, to enable the user to perform accounting operation and also access data anywhere at any time.

Some Key Features

  • Allows you to access and manage accounting operation anytime.
  • Ensures QuickBooks data are always safe and readily available
  • Lowest price- $39/month
  1. Plot Host

This web hosting was established 2008, and it offers a primary selection of four shared hosting plans, which includes unlimited email account, migration site and installation of more than 300 apps with just one- click.

Some Key Features

  • Free services
  • Cheap shared hosting package
  • Lowest- price $2.95/month
  1. Inter-server

Is a web providing standard hosting services and a great choice for organizations or individuals looking for visibility to boost their business and achieve their goals.

Some Key Features

  • Fire suppression
  • High-performance storage ranging from 30GB to 240GB
  • Lowest price-$5/month
  1. Hostinger

This web hosting service is stable and affordable having about twenty-nine million users across one-hundred and eight countries. This web hosting is less expensive, offering the cheapest web hosting services.

Some Key Features

  • 99% uptime guarantee network
  • Fast response
  • Lowest price-$0.8/month
  1. Ipage

Since 1998, Ipage web hosting has been leading services, serving more than a million customers. They focus on their customers, website and online security and offer thirty-day money back guarantee.

Some Key Features

  • Dedicated support
  • Focuses on security such as business verification and highly secured data center
  • Lowest price-$1.99/month
  1. AccusWeb Hosting

This newly Jersey-based company provides extraordinary, affordable hosting services, with available upgraded options to easily adapt to any sudden surge in maintaining peak performances at all times.

Some Key Features

  • Exceptional service
  • Fast and responsive
  • Lowest price-$2.99/month
  1. Host Monster

Host Monster started in 1996, which is a Utah- based Webhosting Company that offers VPS, dedicated as basic hosting plans. It provides an automatic backup system to enable customers to retrieve any lost data.

Some Key Features

  • Fast set-up
  • Excellent security features such as regular site back up, SSL support and so on
  • Lowest price-$4.95/month

In conclusion, with this comprehensive list, any organization or individual can enjoy outstanding features offered by the Webhosting providers that fit their business needs.


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