Top Best VPS Hosting

VPS which stands for a virtual private server is a hosting server with its operating system and a powerful dedicated server. The VPS has a dedicated resource as well as excellent security, flexibility, performances and so on, which is effective for growing business. Below are the best VPS hosting services:

  1. Blue Host – most popular dedicated host

The Blue Host started in 2003 and was known for its shared hosting, offering VPS and cloud-based options. This website has dedicated staff and has come to manage over a million website, functioning 24/7.

Some key Features and Price

  • VPS service is powerful and flexible.
  • They allow multi-server management, which enables users to add VPS with a shared, dedicated server with extra space to their account at any time.
  • Price- $19.9/month
  1. Host Wind- cheapest VPS hosting

This Host winds offer dedicated servers, business hosting as well as domain names. The website was founded 2010 and is also an award-winning hosting company.  Host wind is very easy and affordable.

Some key Features and Price

  • Users get to choose from two based product such as window-based or Linux.
  • Price-$50/month
  1. In motion Hosting- Best for more Resources

This website is best for business practices, and they offer shared, dedicated servers and web design service. They assist you in making a site hosting providing tools for hosting business.

Some key Features and price

  • In motion offer managed and self-managed VPS server.
  • It has a highly secured website transaction.
  • Price- $29.19/month.
  1. Liquid web-Most expensive option

The liquid web offers dedicated hosting, WordPress website and managed service such as service restoration, managing of network and so on.

Some key Feature and price

  • The liquid web offers plans for different fully managed cloud-based VPS
  • With just one click, you can easily upgrade all VPS plans
  • Price- $69/month
  1. Just host

This website offers VPS services and hosting for over one million websites, offering e-commerce functionality, email addresses, free domain and so on.

Some key Features and price

  • Just host VPS services are cloud-based, which enables you to manage project set-up or multiple accounts from one account
  • Just VPS hosting can easily be set-up instantly
  • Price-$19.99/month
  1. Stable Host

Stable host started in 2009, offering unlimited hosting, domain names, word press hosting and so much more.

Some key Features and price

  • Stable host operates with a VPS service which provides five different tiers for users to choose from, exceeding the standard four offered by other competitors
  • Stable host server works at GB speed, which runs up to one-thousand MB
  • Price-$9.12/month
  1. Ipage-Low cost VPS Hosting

Since 1998, Ipage has been leading services; the web has hosted over million websites in the last twenty years. Ipage provides VPS services as well as dedicated server, shared hosting and word press hosting.

Some key VPS Features and price

  • Ipage offers cloud-based and flexible VPS service, which precisely what is needed of VPS.
  • They provide advanced and customized security
  • Price-$19.99/month

In conclusion, VPS hosting provides you with the set-up that is needed in managing your website or webpage. So here are the best VPS hosting providing you with a flexible and dedicated server to maintain websites and web pages.



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