The Best Alternatives to No Credit Check Home Loans Australia

It is not possible to secure no credit check home loans Australia as virtually every lender carry out a credit check on every home loan application made by any company. This is because very few lenders are ready to expose themselves to the risk that comes with the inability to pay up home loans applied for. If this is the case, there has to be an alternative to the no credit check home loans. What then are these alternatives? There are many options open to several companies with no credit check but still desires to secure a home loan. These options among others include:

  • Look out for lenders that offer great deals on home loans

One option available as an alternative to obtaining a no credit check home loans is to look out for lenders who are ready and willing to give out loans regardless of how bad your credit score is. What most of these kinds of lenders do, is to offer a loan of up to about 90% of the property value as well as including the Lender’s Mortgage Insurance Fee which is a general charge. Alternatively, if genuine reasons are being tendered to the lender that not only justifies your bad credit score but also ascertains your creditworthiness, you might have access to a no credit check home loans Australia because the lender is very much moved when trustworthiness is proved.

  • Try applying with a specialist lender

Another alternative to no credit checks home loans Australia is to apply for a home loan with a specialist lender. These kinds of lenders, give out home loans irrespective of a single small paid default, giving access to borrowing up to about 90% of the property value. A specialist lender also gives out home loans irrespective of multiple small paid defaults offering a home loan of up to 85% LVR provided it is with a major bank. With a moderately paid default or mostly paid defaults, home loans can still be obtained from specialist lenders in that you can borrow up to 90% LVR if a default of about $3000 has been paid in the former, and borrow up to 90% LVR .with a cogent reason for default in the case of the latter.

  • Clear your credit and improve your credit score

Another alternative to no credit check home loans Australia, and which is the best to consider when all other options have failed, is to see to clearing credit score by paying off any outstanding debts. This way, you’re credit score is likely to improve and move from being bad to being average or excellent. When this happens, many home loan options will be available to choose from.

Credit check has been one major concern of lenders especially online lenders as it is a significant way to test how trustworthy or otherwise anyone applying for a loan is to pay. So, though it might be difficult to get access to no credit check home loans in Australia, it won’t be a bad idea to look into any of the alternatives provided to secure a home loan.

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