Prince Siblings Hires Movies Producer to do ‘Official’ Documentary!!!

The Official Documentary to be made by Movie Director, Benjamin Jimerson-Philips.

Today the siblings of pop icon Prince have hired movie and television producer/director Benjamin Jimerson-Philips, to direct the ‘official’ documentary for PRN family records and also direct the New Power Soul Band/Prince. The documentary has been shot in part at famed paisley park studios.

The PRN family records are created and managed by the family in order to carry on his legacy through the three core value which is truth, harmony and love to support Prince News, events and a special announcement.

Prince born Prince Rogers Nelson started his music career in 1978 and in 1982 he became really famous and in the 1990s, he launched the music group New Power Generation (NPG) and feature contemporary, R&B, hip-hop, jazz and soul music.

During his music career, Prince collaborated with many other A-list artists like Madonna, Khan and Martika among many others. He lived a life full of memorable events from awards won to been one of the best selling artists of all time, and although he had some rough times as well, he was quoted to have said “it’s a hurtful place, the world, in and of itself. We don’t need to add to it. And we are in a place now where we need one another and it’s going to get rougher”.

Jimerson-Philips started his career in the music industry as a casting agent for music videos and received multiple golds and platinum awards and has worked with many famous artists like R Kelly and Paula Abdul among others. But his major focus was in the filmmaking industry and after acquiring a certificate from the Hollywood film institute to become a cinema director and line producer, and went ahead to fulfil his dream.

He has produced award-winning motion pictures and was commissioned as a “Goodwill Ambassador” by Arkansas governors. He has also written many bestselling books like the Prodigal son, child of the king and “A day in the life” among others. He has been recognised for his great works by governors and the Congress.

Jimerson-Philips has spent an incredible amount of time at Paisley Park with Prince Siblings and his handpicked musicians comprising his band New Power Soul. Part of the documentary will focus on the creation of PRN family Records (Prince Rogers Nelson Family), and their quest to continue Prince’s musical legacy, by signing exceptionally talented new artist.

The location where most of the documentary will be filmed – the Paisley Park was the home and sanctuary of Prince. Located in the suburb of Chanhassen Minnesota, the Paisley Park is about 65,000 square-feet and comprises a recording and production complex. During his lifetime, Prince would open its doors to the public for events and performance.

He once said, “the Paisley Park is pretty much representative of everything I am musically”. It was his home and a place where he can express himself without any limitation, it was his freedom, love and harmony and they are ever-present until this day at Paisley Park. The place is now open for fans and the public to tour and have a glimpse of this unique place and the life he lived.

Benjamin Jimerson-Philips is an Indi black filmmaker who’s credited with producing 7 movies including comedian Katt Williams first movie ‘Treasure N Tha Hood’; Oscar and Emmy Award-winning Actors; as well as hit recording artist Mya’s new television series: 5th Ward.

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