Chocolate is a sweet brown food that is made out of tropical theobram cacao tree seeds which are removed from their pods and then dried, roasted and ground into cocoa powder or paste. It could be in the form of a paste, liquid, or in a block, it could be used in other foods as flavoring ingredients. It is a common ingredient in many kinds of chocolate candies, sweets, desserts and pies. People usually eat chocolate because it tastes good. Chocolate is very sensitive to temperature.

Chocolate is good for the brain, eating chocolate will improve cognitive ability and function. A study revealed that consumption of chocolate might lower the risk of cognitive decline in older people. It also protects the brain from aging. Some benefits of chocolate include:

  • Good skin (flavonoids in dark chocolate helps keep the skin hydrated which are beneficial to the skin.
  • Reduction of stress.
  • Weight loss: (chocolate contains flavonoids, and other nutrients that are known to aid weight loss. Eating dark chocolate after a meal or in between meals helps to curb weight gain.)

Dark chocolate which is made from raw cocoa beans which are a very rich source of flavonoids which contains a substantial number of antioxidant. It helps reduce blood pressure. Flavonoids also help relax blood pressure and balance some certain hormones in the body.

Dark chocolate is considered to have at least 65 per cent cocoa which has more flavonoids and less sugar. Chocolate flavonoids are healthy as it destroys diseases like cancer and prevents the heart from the oxidation of bad cholesterol. Research has shown that the more the chocolate flavonoids in the blood increase, the decrease in the markers associated with oxidation damage.


From research, there are generally three national dates throughout the year to celebrate this occasion, on July 7th, October 28th, and December 28th. World chocolate day supposedly marks the day when chocolate was brought to Europe in 1550. It is annually observed globally on the 7th of July with reference to world chocolate day which started in 2009.

The national chocolate day was started by the confectioners Association. This day is dedicated to everything chocolate. This day should be celebrated with the consumption of chocolate, exchange of chocolate with your loved ones as a sign of love towards each other. This holiday can be observed with a different recipe of your choice.

There is no specific place where the National chocolate day is celebrated. To celebrate this special day, visit your favorite store and get your favorite candy bar, sweets, chocolate ice-cream, or dessert of your choice.


Use the hashtag #Nationalchocolateday or #chocolateday to post on social media. Facebook or Twitter.

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Make this day colorful as chocolate deserves the celebration.


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