How to Create and Integrate Facebook and Instagram Ads

Social media platforms create an avenue to market small-scale businesses and improve the large-scale ones. With an active Facebook or Instagram account, an individual can advertise goods and services to drive patronage. Creating a marketing identity on Facebook and Instagram as well as frequent uploads of products and prototype of services helps to boost business. It is important to know that integrating both platforms to improve an Ad will go a long way in promoting business. Here is all that is needed to incorporate adverts on both platforms;

  • Have an active Facebook and Instagram business page or account
  • Depending on the activeness of your account, your Facebook Page may serve as a solid front for your Instagram ads.
  • Go to the ads creation option under your Facebook page settings.
  • Select an objective that supports Instagram for your ads.
  • Next, click on continue, then you will be provided with a space to fill in the necessary details of your ad.
  • Ensure that there’s a check next to Instagram in the ad preview section of ad creation before placing an order. This is what makes your ad run on Instagram.

Having done all this, you can conveniently create and run ads on both platforms as it pleases you.

In conclusion, the importance of utilizing social media platforms as a means of digital market for your business can’t be overemphasized. It does miracles to how fast your company develops and grows. 


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