Facebook has changed several privacy features after the incident of Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Facebook really cares about their users. So, they are making constant progress to secure their platform more and more. Since after a Cambridge Analytica Scandal published, Facebook is still giving a toll for that, because it refers – Facebook’s 50 million users’ privacy has been violated. Fortunately, Facebook understands that this incident might damage their network’s reputation severely. That is why; the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg has sought formal apology by paper, also, he announced that Facebook has brought changes to their platform. His announcement reflects that Facebook wants to establish them as the best and secured platform to stay connected with friends and family around the world.

In 28th March, Facebook announced that they had changed their privacy and security settings. This change will help the users to control their information easily. Also, these changes ensure users to stay more protected and enjoy being connected with people virtually.

According to the Facebook, they had redesigned their whole setting menu for mobile users. They had changed from top to bottom which will make it easier to find. From now mobile device users can access all settings from a single place instead of going to 20 different screens for settings.

This new layout will help the user to handle information easily, and to understand clearly what actually they are sharing with their friend circle as well as with the Facebook. In order to give more opportunity for sharing stories with Facebook, it has changed several outdated settings.

Facebook has taken this crucial step just after the incident took place because people want to make their privacy more protected than it was before. Facebook has responded to this urge and make the privacy and another setting easier to navigate.

Facebook told that people want to access their privacy settings and security easily. So, Facebook has launched new Privacy Shortcut menu to help users control their data easily. This shortcut menu will gather you all information in a page.

To add more security and to give you a more secure feel, Facebook started a new feature named “Access Your Information” where you can view all your Facebook data including your posts, likes, comments, friends, followers, groups, message and everything related to Facebook.

Facebook said that they have a policy about how they collect and use data, but they give more priority to their users and let them manage their information. To give access to users own information Facebook has introduced with “Access Your Information”. This menu will let the users manage their own information including posts, likes, comments, and everything you have done on Facebook.

Actually, Facebook wants to ensure their users that they are working constantly to protect their users’ information. They are showing people that nothing can take attempt to rob their information. So, there is nothing to fear about using Facebook.

We hope, these changes in Facebook will turn their users back which will help them to stay connected with their friends. Obviously, it will help Facebook users to protect their information more securely.

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