Discover Oude Centrum

Amsterdam with its canals is one of the fascinating places to be in Europe, the traditional houses, amazing culture, captivating history, cozy streets and pleasant atmosphere. This all too famous 17th-century capital always has something interesting going on to capture your attention and here you get to experience the life of a small town called the Oude Centrum.

Best for a quiet romantic holiday, Oude Centrum offers you a serene but yet mesmerizing destination, with its ancient buildings standing tall right beside modern civilization giving you something perfect to look at and learn from.

Where to go / what to do

This town although quite has a lot to see and do and whenever you do find yourself there, it is recommended you should visit some of the place recommended below for the perfect holiday.

Begijnhof: – This is one of the medieval parts still existing in Amsterdam and quite the right place to spend a romantic or have a great picnic. The Begijnhof is a square that was originally part of a Beguinage (a place built in the 14th century where women majorly catholic lived and carry out charity work). To enjoy the ancient facade of the neighbouring houses, it is better to sit on the lawn while enjoying your picnic with family or romantic time with your partner. You also visit the museum in this area and get to learn about the religious history of Amsterdam. In Begijnhof, you should visit Madame Tussauds and experience the world famous waxworks exhibitions.

Nieuwmarkt Square: – acting as the main centre for trading and socialization, nieuwmarkt is very cozy and not too far from the central station. Here you get to experience the typical lifestyle of the locals as they carry out their daily activities and rest on the terrace with a local beer when the sun gets too hot. The main attraction here is the 15th-century monument which also happens to be the only building on the actual square and in the ancient times it serves as part of the defence system of the city. But in the 17th-century, traders started coming from far and wide to weigh their goods and the sell to their customers. This is the perfect place for a couple to experience medieval romance as the inside is lit up by hundreds of candles setting the right tone for romance.

Where to eat

Although it is a small town, Oude Centrum has a variety of places to go and eat some of the best local cuisines like the Tornsluis where you can get both local and international cuisines. The nieuwmarkt also offer you great local dishes like the bitter ballen which is a popular fried snack usually enjoyed with Dutch beer and a number of great restaurants and bars overlooking the square.

Where to stay

Oude Centrum is a small town, most of the places to visit and see are not really too far and from the hotels and some of the best hotels include the Grand Hotel Amrath and the Hendrick’s Hotel among many other great hotels. When planning a vacation always organize your plans beforehand and is your number one stop place for everything travel and holiday.

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