Crown and bridges

If you have ever had any issues with your teeth before, then you must have heard about dental crowns and tooth bridges. But if not, then keep reading because this article will tell you what they are. Dental crowns and tooth bridges are prosthetic devices that are fixed by dentists permanently to your damaged teeth. The dental crown and tooth bridges cannot be removed daily or timely for cleanup as a dentist can only install and remove them.

Why Do You Need a Dental Crown or A Tooth Bridge?

A dentist might recommend that you use either a dental crown or a tooth filling depending on the damage he has seen in your teeth. Here are the reasons your dentist will recommend any of them;

  • When a tooth is so damaged that there is basically no tooth left, your dentist will recommend a crown to cover it and restore strength to it.
  • When a tooth becomes very weak and cracks, your dentist recommends a crown because any more pressure can break it. The crown takes the pressure from the teeth.
  • Crowns are needed to attach bridges
  • Dental crowns also improve the appearance of one’s dentition as they can use it to cover bad looking teeth.
  • Dentists recommend bridges when you have one or more missing tooth as they are stronger.
  • When there is a gap between your teeth, your tooth will want to fill that space causing it to rotate sometimes giving you bad dentition. A bridge corrects that.

Crown and bridges are made specifically for a patient and can last a lifetime though falling out is not ruled out. Practicing good oral hygiene reduces the chances of it falling out. If it were me I would simply visit a dentist near me or a dentist office near me to get either of them at their specified prices.

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