Apartment 51 – Your one-stop international home stylist

What is Apartment 51?

Apartment 51 was set up and started from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2016, with the intention of broadening the style of the homes in the UAE. It aims to create a modern and classy lifestyle for the consumer in the UAE and Middle East. In a short span of 2 years, Apartment 51 had become one of the leading online site which specializes in multi-brand collaborations of homewares and decoration. It is now not homeware shopping sites, where consumers can check out numerous range of furniture and decoration in building up their dream homes, but also a lifestyle site which consistently provide guides and the latest trends in the UAE and the Middle East.

Apartment 51 could be the only site you need to set up your home. They have products ranging from the big pieces of furniture such as sofas and beddings, to the small little decoration items such as clocks, lightning and even home accessories.

Apart of the household brand – Apartment 51 products featuring their products in the site, there are also many international brands such as Portugal’s Porcel, Italy’s Riviere, and United States’ Cristina Re. With so many international brands and products listed in Apartment 51, it surely had the consumers spoilt for choices, no matter what style they are going for.

What Is Apartment 51 Coupon? And How Can you use it

Coupons are offered by the apartment 521 website on several of their products. They have up to 30% discounts on their cookwares. Up to 50% on their home wares and interior decor products. And they offer a special coupon discount that is 15% off everything on the website for your first time.

What Is the Average Discount Code on apartment 51?

The company is very generous and offers a flat 30% discount coupon at an average. You can log on to AZ coupons to find more coupons on this website.

Diary 51

Apartment 51 regularly update the latest trends and feature some of the brands and products on Diary 51 – somewhat of an online blog within Apartment 51. With the right mixture of colours of decorations and furniture, to the offering of a series of Scandinavian vintage furniture, Diary 51 serve to create a warm and homely home design catalogue without breaking the bank. The impressive element of Diary 51, is that they do not only focus on the theme of the home, they also focus on consumer interest in kitchen wares and their preference in let’s say – coffee. You can still built a home with Diary 51, if you wants your home to be packed with Scandinavian style furniture, and yet portrays your love for coffee with handcrafted ceramics and layout in your kitchen.

Holiday Guide

Apartment 51 regularly handpick some of the products for gift ideas, and caters to the different budget that consumers have. These are often featured in the ‘Holiday Guide’ page, with products ranging from kitchen wares to bathroom accessories. It had make it such an ease to plan for a gift, regardless whether it is for the Christmas Exchange or simply just a House Warming.

A team of Builders

Apartment 51 had form a team of professionals to assist consumers with minimum fuss. They are able to design and build not only homes, but also in larger settlings such as hotels, office, commercial landscapes and even retail outlets! With the help of the professional team from the Apartment 51, one does not need to engage a company of interior designer, another company of space planning – Apartment 51 does it all! This had largely reduced the stress and effort by the consumer. Professional service provider such as designer and architect are also highly sought after by Apartment 51.

Love Apartment 51?

Consumer can now check out Apartment 51 on the social media platform – apartment_51 on Instagram and Apartment51 on their Facebook page. Oh, did I mentioned that its Instagram account had 23,000 followers? It is a remarkable achievement for Apartment 51 in just 2 years.