About Me

Hi i’m Mercy Johnson Melissa

Born in City : Santa Ana, State : California, USA

Education: MBA major in Information Technology
South Dakota State University, United States -2014

Occupation: Research Coordinator
Aging Research Center, Jun 2017 - Present.

The Aging Research Center (ARC) was established in 2000 by Karolinska Institutet (KI) and Stockholm University (SU).

Favorite Song : The Prayer(by Donnie McClurkin in duet with Yolanda Adams)
Favorite Book : Everything Is Illuminated --by Jonathan Safran Foer
Favorite Sports : Billiard
Favorite TV  : F is for Family (2015)
Favorite Movie Star : Lara Flynn Boyle
Favorite Singer : Prince
Favorite Food : Chinese, Steak, medium rare

Native English writer, editor and Press Releases professional

I am a native English writer, reproduction editor, proofreader and Press Releases professional, with a intelligence for crafting enticing and fascinating articles, blog posts, press releases and different written materials.

My interest to detail is awesome and my grammar and vocabulary are impeccable. I mainly experience jobs which require a excessive level of accuracy and focus, as properly as jobs which allow me to use my writing abilities to their full extent. As properly as being a native English speaker I have a passable understanding of Swedish and UK.

I am available for each one-off and ongoing writing jobs. I take pride in the best and responsiveness of my service, ensuring that my consumers receive precisely what they are searching for in a well timed fashion.

In my spare time I revel in creative writing and have so a long way posted one e book

My hobby writing

“Some huge topics added me where I am today. At a very younger age, my hobby became wondering and finding connections.”

Writing is a unique interest because many humans do no longer prefer to exhaust themselves in their spare time. According to many people, writing is a difficult thing, but I do not think so.

When I bought free time, I pick a pen and a pocket book and start converting my ideas into words. I write some brief essays and good stories.

Writing is a source of catharsis for me. When my thought becomes tired, and a lot of stuff gathered there, I seriously change them into text. This soothes my brain, and I sense as if a burden has been eliminated from me.

When I write things, my creative power is at its best. I can imagine matters very sharply, and my thought becomes a resting region of incoming ideas.

I also write some teens poems and stories. Sometimes, I sit with little young people and entertain them with my personal written tales and poems. The happiness of their faces makes me write better.

Although writing is a simply a hobby for me, yet it is very really helpful for me. It opens my mind and suppose beyond the tiny things and see matters with a broader mind. It makes me extra passionate about my life. It makes me research new things. Enjoy each moment of my life.