30 birthday wishes for lover.

  1. Baby, as you celebrate your birthday today please bear it in mind that I love you very much, and that your love has given me a reason to fight for life and live it to the fullest. Happy birthday love.
  2. Our hearts belong to each other, your heart is with me as mine is with you. Happy birthday honey, May the world belongs to you all the best of its favor.
  3. Your love has been a source of blessing to me and your family, your hard work and resilience makes everyone around have certainty and peace of mind, your warmth and comforting arms is a place I have been lucky to rest my head and if I’m still lucky I will continue to do so. Keep being who you are, happy birthday.
  4. Since the day I asked you to marry me, I have never for once looked back at that decision. You complete me, happy birthday darling.
  5. For all the years before now you have always had a smile that brightened your face, and I will do everything to keep that smile. Happy birthday darling.
  6. For you to be the one my heart choose to love unconditionally is simply amazing, and I could not be more grateful or lucky. Happy birthday baby, I love you.
  7. Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve you, what I did to deserve the love of the sweetest person on earth, I might not know the answer but I know I love you. Happy birthday love.
  8. I had been searching for my missing piece before I found you. The search ended the very first day I met you, and I could not be gladder that the universe found you to complete me. Happy birthday love.
  9. My love for you increases with each passing second, that’s what you do to me, I guess I can call it the hubby effect. Happy birthday darling.
  10. Baby my day starts with your smile, though that of every other person starts with dawn, I guess I’m not normal, and if abnormal mean spending each waking moments seeing your smile, the I guess abnormal it is. Happy birthday.
  11. Love is a beautiful thing to expirence, and I have experienced the best of it thanks to you. Happy birthday dear
  12. You are as unique as or love, and the times I have spent with you are more than I bargained for in the best way possible, happy birthday sweetheart.
  13. A birthday might occur once in a year but it calls for an unforgettable celebration, for you are so special to me and I want to thank you for being my better half. Happy birthday darling.
  14. The fact that I belong to you and you belong to me is the most comforting knowledge ever known to me. Happy birthday darling
  15. Where did I ever find an angel like you? how did I even? All I can say is I’m thankful for meeting you and having you in my life. Happy birthday darling
  16. My day is special because the day is special to a person that is special to me. Happy birthday baby, I wish you many more years.
  17. Roses are red, violets are blue, birthdays are fun, so you should have fun, but with only with me. Happy birthday dear.
  18. If I was told that I will see a day where I will be so happy and contempt because of another person I would have disbelieved, but I am all that today because of you. Happy birthday to the love of my life.
  19. Joy comes from the most unexpected places, the joy I get from you was expected, but I’m just happy that you choose me to be the recipient of such intense love. Happy birthday love.
  20. Nothing else in this world can make you as happy as you have made and I am eternally grateful, happy birthday love.
  21. People meet different people every day, but I met a gem the day I met you. Happy birthday darling.
  22. I met you on a sunny day while having ice cream, and since then my day has never been the same, h apply birthday to the most amazing person I know.
  23. Lover are winners, I’m glad to be winning with you my love. Happy birthday.
  24. I could never express properly what you mean to me in my life. But everything is a start. Happy birthday sweets
  25. Happy birthday to the love of my life.
  26. I very much would want to die in your arms, my love for you is that intense. Happy birthday.
  27. To the one that means the most to me, happy birthday.
  28. Birthday or no birthday, I will always celebrate you. Happy birthday
  29. To have started and come this far with you is a mile stone on its own. Happy birthday love.
  30. Let us light the biggest candles to celebrate the brightest life. Happy birthday my love.

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