30 birthday wishes for cousins

  1. Happy birthday to a truly amazing cousin, I hope your new age treats you as nice as you treat the people you know, enjoy your day to its fullest.
  2. Celebrating a new age is a milestone everyone should celebrate including you, you are as outstanding as you are inspirational. Have fun on your birthday cousin.
  3. Not everyone grows old in such an exceptional manner, your growth in life has wowed us all, and I know there’s more for you. Happy birthday cousin.
  4. Calibrating a new age is amazing, I hope you enjoy all the amazing little details that got you here, because you deserve it. Happy birthday cousin.
  5. Age is just a number, so ignore the numbers and lets party, happy birthday cousin
  6. A birthday celebration is as important as Christmas even. Congratulation on your birthday cousin, I hope you get everything your heart desires.
  7. I want to thank you for being one of the most amazing person I have ever met dear cousin, you have made the existence of everyone around you a very blissful one, I pray for you happiness, health and prosperity for eternity. Happy birthday.
  8. Dear cousin, you are one of the few people in my life who makes my existence a beautiful one, may the stars align in your favor as you celebrate your birthday, and may you be granted your heart desires.
  9. Just like you have made my life blissful, may everything in your life become blissful as you celebrate your birthday dear cousin. Happy birthday
  10. For all this years you have made life more bearable for all those who love you, may the world be pleasant for you as you celebrate your birthday cousin. Happy birthday.
  11. You are definitely smarter, more handsome and beautiful, though not as young as you were yesterday, I hope this birthday will be as wonderful as your comradeship has been to me. Happy birthday cousin.
  12. I always celebrate phenomenal people, my list of one is occupied by you because you are an absolutely phenomenal person to me. Happy birthday cousin.
  13. Thank you for making me happy cousin, happiness resides in you. Happy birthday cousin.
  14. Birthdays are fun, birthdays are happy, so have fun and be happy dear cousin because it’s your birthday. Happy birthday cousin.
  15. You have contributed so much to the world dear cousin and it has been beautiful, so let us contribute a little to your life today by celebrating your birthday for you. Happy birthday cousin.
  16. It’s never a bad thing for one to celebrate yourself, and for someone like you, you deserve to celebrate yourself more than anybody else. Happy birthday cousin.
  17. Happy birthday to you my cousin, you have placed in the souls of your family a beautiful light, and I hope that same light follows you today and the rest of your days.
  18. If I tell you that you deserve everything and more in this life, it would still be an understatement, for the heart you have is of gold, and for your birthday you deserve it all. Happy birthday cousin.
  19. The path you have chosen in life has really favored you, may you continue in this path and only change for the better. Happy birthday.
  20. The love we have for family transcends both distance and time, you might be far away, but you are always in our hearts. Happy birthday cousin.
  21. Wishing this birthday is as special as it is for us to you, happy birthday cousin.
  22. You are not just my cousin, you are my friend, my muse, you encourage me, you love me and you care for me. Happy birthday to you.
  23. The flame of your genius will set the world on fire and the beauty in you will calm the storms. Happy birthday cousin.
  24. I’m thinking of you on this your birthday as I am wishing you the very best, happy birthday cousin. Have fun.
  25. If birthdays are meant to be celebrated then you should definitely celebrate it, because you have lead a life worth celebrating , happy birthday cousin and have this day, it belongs to you.
  26. A small cake but with so much candles, just like you and the way you light a room in a small span of time. Happy birthday cousin.
  27. My birthday wish for you is that you continue pursuing your dreams and follow your heart, because the sky is not the limit, it is just the beginning. Happy birthday cousin.
  28. Happy birthday cousin. I love you
  29. Today is your birthday, today is your day, so reminisce on all the fun times you have had with family and with friends, happy birthday cousin.
  30. Do whatever you want to do today, because it’s your birthday and because why not? Happy birthday cousin.

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